Matécsa Kft Kecel

Matécsa Kft. history

We started the productions of universal potting soil from vermi compost, peat and forest soil in 1988. The production, mixing and packaging was started in a farmhouse, and we made the delivery with a Trabant car. Our company became one of the largest potting soil producer (90,000 m³ per year) in Hungary by the product improvements and better partner support over the years. We produce potting soils, products for ground covering, different kind of fertilizers and plant care products in our 10,000 modern preparatory- and produce warehouse on a four-hectare site area.


We are the number one supplier into domestic ornamental plant traders, flower shops, nursery gardens, farmer stores and agro-businesses with our quality FLORIMO® products. Our sales strategy that the product has to be sold to our end users recommended by professionals. As well as exporting to many nearby countries.

You can find our business development stages of the pictures here.



Matécsa Kft. quality certification ISO9001Quality policy – Production

Our staff‘s commitment and expertise ensure that the quality of FLORIMO® products meet the demanding expectations of our customers and partners.

Our company is committed to carry out its activities according to the requirements of ISO 9001:2001 standards.

The entire manufacturing process takes place under cover, our products are stored in a closed warehouse. Quality of our products feature advanced and sophisticated packaging. PE packaging: a three-layer flat-film made of colorful flowers printed products to protect the soil from light, thereby providing a stable structure for a long time.